How Most popular is cryptocurrency in Malaysia 2023?

the consciousness of cryptocurrency in Malaysia: How Popular is Cryptocurrency in Malaysia? Over the preceding few years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have unexpectedly obtained adoption globally. But how famous are digital property in most cases amongst Malaysians today? Let’s discover some key metrics to gauge the diploma of crypto penetration inner Malaysia.


Crypto Ownership Rates

One indicator of cryptocurrency consciousness is possession rates. According to a 2021 survey by way of the usage of the Economic Choices Association Finder, 22% of Malaysians owned some form of cryptocurrency. This equates to around 2.6 million Malaysian crypto owners.

Another survey in 2019 through means of the Central Bank of Malaysia in collaboration with the World Bank found that 5% of Malaysians self-reported proudly owning cryptocurrency. While survey results vary, they recommend possession amongst at least 5-22% of the population.

Based on these statistics, we can surmise that spherical 1.7 to 2.6 million Malaysians are energetic cryptocurrency clients today. Compared to world adoption rates, Malaysia ranks in the pinnacle 10 nations in phrases of crypto penetration.

Trading Volumes

Malaysia has immoderate cryptocurrency shopping for and promoting volumes at some stage in every centralized exchange and P2P platform.


According to Chainalysis, Malaysia ranked quantity one in the world for crypto buying and selling relative to GDP and populace in 2020. While China, the USA and Japan had higher absolute volumes, Malaysia got right here first adjusted for its financial dimension and range of people.

In 2021, Malaysia maintained huge alternate volumes and alternatively dropped out of the pinnacle 10 worldwide locations in Chainalysis rankings as extraordinary worldwide locations saw faster growth. Nevertheless, massive investor exercise continues domestically.


Popular Coins

The most substantially held cryptocurrencies furnish perception into relative recognition as well. According to Statista, the most famous cash owned with the useful resources of Malaysian crypto traders are:

  • 1. Bitcoin (BTC) – 76%
  • 2. Ethereum (ETH) – 42%
  • 3. Cardano (ADA) – 26%
  • 4. Dogecoin (DOGE) – 25%
  • 5. Litecoin (LTC) – 19%

Bitcoin retains its region as the gateway cryptocurrency with very first-rate possession in Malaysia, discovered through Ethereum. Interest in altcoins is moreover high-quality with Cardano, Dogecoin and Litecoin in the pinnacle 5.

Investor Demographics


Based on survey data, cryptocurrency tends to be most famous amongst younger, digitally-savvy Malaysians. Ownership is absolute best amongst those aged 18-35, at 35% in accordance with the Finder report. Ownership drops to 12% amongst 36-55-year-olds and sincerely 3% for over-55s.

Men moreover have marginally higher crypto adoption at 24% in distinction to 20% for women. However, the gender gap is no longer as stark as considered in some specific countries.


Moving in the direction of mainstream adoption

Cryptocurrency is simply gaining sturdy traction amongst youthful and tech-fluent segments of Malaysians. The foundations for crypto mass adoption have been laid via excessive digital finance penetration in e-wallets and funding apps.

As digital coin utilization turns into higher super for payments, remittances and investment, cryptocurrencies can evolve from an area of pastime to a mainstream asset class over time in Malaysia.



Based on possession statistics, shopping for and promoting volumes and demographics, cryptocurrency has already finished large popularity in Malaysia in contrast to most countries.

Cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum are on their path to turning into household names, specifically amongst digitally literate millennials and Gen Z.


While risks remain, the foundational hobby and infrastructure exist for crypto to acquire mainstream repute in Malaysia in the coming years.

  1. shopping for Bitcoin in Malaysia:
  2. Can I Buy Bitcoin in Malaysia?

Bitcoin has turned out to be a well-known digital asset worldwide, consisting of in Malaysia. The cryptocurrency’s plausible for immoderate returns and decentralization from authorities’ oversight has attracted many investors. But can Malaysians legally purchase personal Bitcoin?

Legality of Bitcoin in Malaysia

There are no legal suggestions in Malaysia explicitly banning the purchase, possession and buying and promotion of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies exist in a grey neighbourhood besides being specific as prison tender. While cautious about risks, Malaysian regulators have no longer imposed an outright ban on Bitcoin or exceptionally essential cryptocurrencies.

The Central Bank of Malaysia no longer apprehend Bitcoin as money or overseas cash from a legal perspective. However, the economic institution has mentioned Bitcoin can be owned even though it consists of dangers like immoderate volatility. Ownership and buying and promoting of Bitcoin or different cryptocurrencies is no longer seen as illegal.


However, in industrial transactions the utilization of Bitcoin as a rate except extended even though limited. Most groups and outlets do not give cryptocurrency as legal tender for items and services.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Malaysia

There are two imperative methods to buy Bitcoin in Malaysia regardless of no longer being identified as fiat currency:

1. Through regulated crypto exchanges

Malaysia has regulated digital asset exchanges that permit shopping for Bitcoin and the usage of Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Leading structures like Luno, Sinegy,

Tokenize X and Mukaswap enable direct deposits from a financial institution account and the use of online switch or debit/credit card payments. The exchanges facilitate Bitcoin purchases after fiat overseas money is deposited.

2. Via P2P shopping for and selling platforms

Peer-to-peer or P2P buying and selling besides lengthen connects clients and marketers of Bitcoin locally. Popular international P2P structures like Paxful, HodlHodl and LocalBitcoins have lively Malaysian client bases. P2P allows shopping for Bitcoin by way of meeting up physically, economic organization transfers, e-wallet repayments or one-of-a-kind agreed methods.

When purchasing by way of P2P, shoppers need to scrutinize seller profiles and alternate with dependent parties. Scams and frauds are typical on P2P platforms. Exercising warning is advised, in unique for first-time buyers.

Storing Bitcoin in Malaysia

Bitcoin offers desires to be saved securely in digital wallets. Wallets can be software-based, hardware-based or even paper-based. Software wallets like Trust Wallet are accepted alternatively inclined to hacking. Hardware wallets like Ledger furnish greater security.

For significant holdings, the usage of hardware pockets and storing its restoration phrase securely in a personal region is recommended. Relying solely on exchange wallets poses risks of theft or loss of access.

Is Bitcoin Legal Tender in Malaysia?

While criminal to own, Bitcoin nevertheless lacks genuine crook easy popularity in Malaysia. Businesses cannot be mandated to be given Bitcoin for payments. Its decentralized nature moreover makes full law difficult in contrast to centralized digital currencies.

However, a growing quantity of shops now voluntarily give Bitcoin repayments in Malaysia. It’s without boundaries nature helps online repayments or remittances overseas.


With cryptocurrencies going mainstream, Bitcoin may also moreover in the quit obtain prison easy recognition like in El Salvador. But currently, it stays outdoor professional forex status.

In summary, Malaysians are allowed to legally buy, own and change Bitcoin despite its uncertain jail classification. Bitcoin acts as a speculative digital asset and keeps value.


Cryptocurrency regulation is evolving in Malaysia and outright legalization is no longer verified yet. While permissible, customers ought to pay interest on the risks of dealing with such an unstable decentralized asset.

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